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Updated: Jul 13

Hi, I'm Sarah, owner of Natural Mothers - a small business with a big dedication - to provide you with tried and tested natural solutions for you and your family.

I started Natural Mothers in 2018 to create and share a company that would reflect how I feel about using essential oils and natural products to support the well-being of myself, my children and my family.

From a young age I have always experimented with using essential oils, reading all of the books my mum owned and raiding her vintage essential oils chest. It was like magic to me - looking up an ailment, finding the correct oil, mixing it up with a base and relishing in the comfort it brought me. And that's what I love about oils and herbal remedies - the emotions they evoke, the senses they bring to life and the grounding feeling they bring.

Fast forward to my adult life, and the birth of my twins, Anya and Oscar. Seeing them so tiny and pure - clean slates entering the big wide world - something struck a chord. I am their protector and I want to provide them with the most wholesome life they can have. Not only that, I want them to see that they can be in control of what they put onto (and into their bodies). They can take control, not some multi million, if not billion pound, company telling them what they need, why they need it and when they need it. And I hope, through Natural Mothers, you can take control of your health and well-being too.

So after much research, making and creating, I designed three product ranges to help you with your wellbeing - the Relax range, designed to calm and destress and promote a restful night's sleep; the Breathe range, perfect for creating that spa feeling at home but also to support feelings of congestion; and the Energise range - perfect to give you a much needed boost whenever you need it.

But I couldn't just stop there, my love for natural products and wanting to provide mums with a brand they could trust went one step further when I branched out into personal care products too - natural deodorant, healing balm and so much more.

I'd love to hear what you think - which is your favourite product and why! And if you haven;'t bought one yet, ask yourself the question: how do I want to feel today? That will point you in the right direction.

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