7 Steps to More You Time

Does it sometimes feel like you never get a moment to yourself?  Are you constantly being pulled in all directions, feeling exasperated by the constant demands of your children?

Parenting can often feel like there is no let up.  You sit down for one minute before the next request comes along.  From the moment you are woken up by the cries of your children to the moment they fall asleep (with your help, of course!), everything is on their terms, leaving very little time for you.

Simply taking a few brief moments from your day, in the presence of your children, can improve your mindset, patience and energy levels. Imagine being able to take real time for yourself without feeling guilty.

My quick guide for 7 easy tips to carve out a few mindful moments in your day ensures you can more time for YOU. Short snippets throughout your day, at achievable times


Follow these tips for just a week and notice how different you feel, having taken some time for you.  

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7 Steps to More 'You Time'
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